Hiyashi Chuka – Japanese Cold Ramen Salad hits the spot in the summer

Cold Japanese ramen salad

We’ve brought back Hiyashi Chuka – the Japanese cold ramen salad served in Japan when the weather gets hot. Our version features chicken, shredded egg omelet (“tamagoyaki”), cucumber, shredded carrots, ginger, and sprouts, dressed in tare – a cool soy vinaigrette .

The name “Hiyashi Chuka” translates as “Chilled Chinese food” although only the ramen noodles have roots in China. First seen in Sendai about 80 years ago as a combination of Western, Chinese, and Japanese influences, the origins of Hiyashi Chuka are unknown. Toppings vary according to the imagination of the chef. Hiyashi Chuka is truly an iconic treat, especially in the southern areas of Okinawa, Osaka, and Kyoto.

There is no one “true” recipe for Hiyashi Chuka. Like many Japanese dishes, the recipe is up to the whim of the cook and may be augmented with leftovers. Check out this recipe¬†from “Just One Cook” with shrimp and tomatoes, or this recipe¬†from Japanese Cooking 101 featuring strips of ham.